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With a very high success rate, dental implants are the best way to replace missing teeth and give you the
confidence a complete smile brings.

At Dentist on Bourke, we specialise in implants – small titanium screws surgically placed into the jaw
bone. They act as artificial roots used to stabilise dentures or to build a foundation for future dental work
like crowns or bridges.

Great-looking and long-lasting

Replacing a single tooth or many teeth with implants takes several visits to complete and it will improve
the appearance of your smile and make speaking and eating easier and more comfortable. Your implants
will last for many years thanks to their strength and durability.

If you would like more information about Dental Implants visit our microsite

Any surgical procedure carries risk and Individual results may vary. The anticipated outcomes of your specific case will be discussed during your consultations. All risks will be discussed and patients given the opportunity to ask any questions prior to treatment is commenced. Before proceeding you may also seek a second opinion if you desire.

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